What type of web hosting plan do you need for a blog with 1000 daily visitors?

If your blog has 1000 daily visitors then it is considered to be a small blog. The total monthly bandwidth which you blog will consume for 1000 daily visitors will be around 1 to 5GB for 500 to 1000 daily visitors. For a startup blog like that all you need is the shared web hosting plan which is more than enough to host your blog and other media file such as photograph and video.

With the shared web hosting plan you will share your web hosting space (which includes bandwidth and storage space) with the other web master who uses the same shared web hosting server together with you. The common issue the bloggers have nowadays with the shared web hosting plan is that the file storage space is simply not enough if they have too many media files on their blog or website, however this problem can easily be solved by hosting the photographs and videos on the other free online sites such as youtube and photobucket and then embeded those images and videos on their blog when they need them.

One shared webhosting service which I would like to recommend to you is the small orange 5 dollars per months shared webhosting plan that includes 50GB monthly bandwidth which is more than enough for a blog below 7000 blog visitors per day. Besides that, you can also host unlimited domain names under one shared web hosting account with this plan. Although the 5GB storage space for your files is not that big but you can solve the file storage problem using the method I have just mentioned earlier.

Overall speaking, you do not need to host your blog on a dedicated web server until your daily blog readers have reached one hundred thousands and above which is really hard to imagine for a small size blog like mine.

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