Texture baking in blender cycles

In this tutorial I am going to show you a few quick steps to bake the texture in blender cycles. The reason why I need to bake a texture is because I want to import the blender’s mesh I have created to a game engine and it really takes me a while to search for the solution online but luckily I found it so I would like to share with you all today in this post. Below are the steps you need to do in order to bake the texture in cycles render.

  1. Open a new project
  2. Switch it to Cycles Render
  3. Assign the default cube any color
  4. Split the 3d screen into two, change the left screen to UV/Image Map Editor
  5. On the 3d screen to the right, switch from object mode to edit mode then uv unwrap the cube (press u then select unwrap) and then switch back to object mode again
  6. Create a new image on the UV/Image Map Editor (click on the new button) and named it Bake then save the new image file
  7. Next split the right screen into top and bottom half, change the top half to node editor, create an Image Texture and assign the bake image to it. Make sure the Image Texture node has been selected before you proceed to the next step!

    baking blender cycles
    baking blender cycles
  8. Under Render->Bake subpanel click on the Bake button
  9. After Blender has finished the baking process save the image into your computer and that is it.
  10. If you have any problem performing the baking process do let me know about it 🙂

If you are a game developer then you will really find this tutorial helpful because many game engines require you to bake the texture before importing your blender mesh to them!

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