Read this post before you join adsoptimal

Adsoptimal is a CPM network which will serve CPM ads that a publisher can use together with the other advertisement units in a blog to increase his or her blog revenue. If your blog has around 1000 daily page views and above then this will be the network which I highly recommend you to sign up now.

Adsoptimal has a CPM of around 0.20 cents per 1000 page views from the US and the European countries for a Bronze level blog but if your blog has reached the Gold level then you will get a higher RPM Premium Ads serving in it.

After you have signed up as a publisher you will need to submit your blog for approval which will take a few days because they will need to approve each blog manually. After your blog has get approved then you will get a 10 dollar extra credit just to get your blog approved by adsoptimal. Once your blog has get approved then it will be placed under the Bronze level blog and you can start to make money by placing the adsoptimal banner ads on your blog. If you want to push your blog to the Gold level blog so you can make more money then your blog will need to have a premium domain which is not that practical for a small blogger who has just started his or her blog but if you have some money then you might want to consider this option because it will be in the total different revenue level once your blog has been placed under the Gold level blog category.

Inside the admin page the ads revenue dashboard will show the daily page views of your blog as well as your daily earning. It even shows the Alexa Global Rank and the Google Page Rank of your blog so you know what is the overall ranking of that blog.

Once you have reached the payment threshold (Minimum payout is $50) then you can request the payout to be sent immediately to a payment account you have specified.

Are you ready to sign up?

If you have a blog with lots of daily visitors then this is definitely the network you are looking for.  If you have a mobile ready blog then I strongly recommend you to insert their page-level ads in your blog as well to increase the ads revenue of your blog.

Go ahead and sign up though this link and start to submit your blog for approval, good luck!

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