Perform check sum for Linux Mint 18.1 cinnanmon on Windows command prompt

Recently I have switched the OS of my old Asus laptop from Linux Fedora to Linux Mint. The reason I change the linux os is because Fedora is indeed really hard to work with and it is also really hard to pack up the linux software which I have developed and intend to share with other linux users. So here I am, just downloaded the new linux Mint’s ISO file to my windows 10 laptop and ready to install the Linux Mint 18.1 cinnanmon os on another laptop. Before I install linux Mint on my old laptop it is better to do the check sum on the iso file because I just want to make sure that it is the correct os I am installing on my laptop. Below are the steps for checking the sum of the iso file that I would like to share with you and I hope this will help you to do the check sum on your windows pc if you ever need to perform such a task.

  1. Download the sha256sum file for windows on this site.
  2. Put this file together with the iso file which you have downloaded earlier in the same folder.

    now your folder should have this two files!
    now your folder should have this two files!
  3. Open up the windows command prompt and browse to the folder which has the sha256sum and the iso files in it.
  4. Enter this command into the command prompt : sha256sum linuxmint-18.1-cinnamon-64bit.iso and hit the enter key. linuxmint-18.1-cinnamon-64bit.iso is the name of the iso file, it can be in 32-bit as well depends on whether your laptop is 64-bit or 32-bit.
  5. If you see this value as shown in the image then you have downloaded the correct file and you can then proceed to the next step which is to install the os on your another laptop or pc.
    linus mint 18.1 64-bit check sum
    linux mint 18.1 64-bit check sum

    Here is the entire sum for the 64-bit Linux Mint 18.1 : b99f4b98a1b41737ded072dc1a7060ca32224e23236074790d4fc86b51009e3c

  6. Here are the check sum values for all the linux Mint 18.1 versions:

    469b346800c71a60bd7204e03d4cc909c2dc1099f6fc1eaade320411f0fd2990 *linuxmint-18.1-cinnamon-32bit.iso
    b99f4b98a1b41737ded072dc1a7060ca32224e23236074790d4fc86b51009e3c *linuxmint-18.1-cinnamon-64bit.iso
    a478284343313cabc59fa8867a8e21a899a979665f273ab3a4e6a9641af284c1 *linuxmint-18.1-kde-32bit.iso
    62e144db08600ab0be08bdd8489dfb615c401899af869fa0c29679bc866d9dc5 *linuxmint-18.1-kde-64bit.iso
    6870a73d8e4667ed6799930be926c0e035e8596e1efc8bd399d7bd987dadae84 *linuxmint-18.1-mate-32bit.iso
    b41c5258c03bd8fe4ecab5f1db33f4484bd1992ec306ea4bdde25fc7d6ea2f40 *linuxmint-18.1-mate-64bit.iso
    44054c7cf5229d697570222608e352f5e247fcb8981683c871cf3c117c576e70 *linuxmint-18.1-xfce-32bit.iso
    7dc167bd5e6e28641c8aaaf406bba46b1be2d472f85d1d86280ed80e19bb8462 *linuxmint-18.1-xfce-64bit.iso

That is it! The simple step to perform check sum on windows for the linux Mint’s iso file! I hope you do enjoy this tutorial and find it useful!

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