My History of Building Ship/Boat with Blender

In this article I just want to show my ship building history using Blender and compared the two ships that I have created side by side to see my improvement.

The first boat/ship I have built with Blender is a really small one and at that moment I am using Blender Render to render it out. As you can see it is really crude.

The boat above is made out of wood.

Next is the second ship/boat I have created recently, although I only render it with 160 Samples but it is already so much better than the first boat which I had created a year ago.

I am using Cycles Render for my new ship and therefore it is a lot better than the first ship when it comes to the realistic of the image/product.

ship blender material
ship blender material

The ship above still needs lots of improvement so do let me know where can I improve on it if you can, thanks!

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