Monster Academy

Welcome to the homepage of Monster Academy. The Game which I have developed a few years ago and put online for people to enjoy. If you are the old user of this game then you can just skip the following introduction and go directly to the what is new part.

How to play the Game 

You will use the left right up down arrow key to move the player around the board and collect the bouncing rocks, once you have collected all the rocks on the board you will proceed to the next level. There are 11 levels in total. Actually you do not need to collect all the rocks by your own because you have a helper, duck robot is willing to help you out by collecting twelve of those rocks but be careful because once the duck has collected more than twelve rocks then it will be game over. Make sure you don’t get hit by the monster or else it will be game over as well.

What is new

This game has now officially became an offline game so you do not need to visit any website to play the game. However, the online version of the game is still available which you can play the game using the other browser such as Firefox and Opera, so make sure you share the game with your friend through the share buttons on the main gaming page. If you are the chrome os user then you can play the game through this link!

What else?

If you need help, want to read more about my game development news or support me (just a few dollars per month) through Patreon then just check out all those links on the main game page as well.

I need you to provide more suggestions on how to improve on this game, so make sure you leave your comment below this blog or visit my help forum and join in the discussion!

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