Make money writing for iWriter as a writer

If you have some spare time and want to make some extra dollars as your side income without any risk or hassles then iWriter is the ideal site for you to begin. In terms of qualification, all you need is to be able to write a few paragraphs in proper English and without any grammatical mistakes.

Quick, Easy and Rewarding Beginning when you write for iWriter. One of the writer who I was having conversation with told me that after a day of research about the legitimacy of the site he had decided to sign up as a writer in iWriter because he wanted to spend his spare time wisely and earned some cash in return. In order to write for iWriter he will need to go through a simple and easy English language test and he passed the test without any problem even though English is not his first language, English is the only acceptable language in iWriter.

Within his first week of writing a little over a couple of hours a day, he had made USD$27.15, which got transferred into his PayPal account. In just about 3 weeks of writing, he had made USD$105.95. Although that earning is not that high, it is still a good beginning where he saw himself earning much more in the coming months.

As a writer in iWriter, he gets to choose his work and his client based on the clear and non dubious data about the article. A writer will receive information about the expected article content, article purpose and the client’s order history, approval rate as well as the average approval time etc. Some clients even suggest the sources to get the data from.

In his first article, he had committed a mistake by selecting any available article and trying to write it in minimum time, which means that he was not choosing his client and articles deliberately, because of that his first article got rejected. After that painful lesson he chose his work with more caution and thus hardly any article got rejected. His overall approval rate as of now is 83.33% and he is trying to improve it further so that he can advance to the next level of iWriter.

There are 4 levels of writers in iWriter and the payments also differ accordingly; roughly, there is a 100% difference between the payment for the writers of 2 consecutive levels. These 4 levels are:-

1.) Standard Writer. You start as a standard writer and your rank is a single star.

2.) Premium Writer. You reach this level after getting 25 ratings and averaging 4.1 stars in these ratings.

3.) Elite Writer. You need an average of 4.6 stars after 30 ratings.

4.) Elite Plus Writer. With an average of 4.85 stars from 40 ratings, you are at the top level at iWriter and in a position to make $300.00 easily per week.

iWriter has a really friendly user interface where the job of the writer is simplified as he/she can choose an appropriate work based on various parameters. The writer can always contact the client using the iWriter messaging service for further clarification regarding the subject of the article ; he/she is free to quit the article anytime without answering any questions. The payment comes to the writer’s account without any delays or hassles after the article has been approved by the client. The customer care is extremely helpful and quick to react.

In his concluding remarks, he also shows us a simple trick to get our article approved more often by the client and the trick is “Read and follow the instructions with due care”. If we follow this one advice and use good English without any errors, our approval rate will be very high. Careful selection of work is also equally important.

So are you ready to make some extra bucks after reading this article, if so then just go ahead and sign up as a writer with iWriter! 

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