Make Money Online Playing Chess

If you are one of the chess player then you will really find these two websites interesting, they both offer money to those players that play on their site.

This site offer game currency which you can then exchange for real dollar. You will play with a player in real game with a certain amount of visual currency, if you win the game you will get paid and then you can exchange the visual currency with real money later on. This site has applied a really sophisticated cheat preventing system which prevents the player from cheating, so if you are a legit player then this is the best place to earn money by playing chess online!

Those players that play chess in this website are just the average player so if you are good then you should be able to win the game easily.

This site offers chess tournament with real prize money, if you win the game you will receive those payment directly into your online account.

The players on this site are really good but if you have a chess rating of 1600 and above on this site then you should have no problem winning a few championships and earn good money every week.

I am an active player in and really like the cool interface this site has to offer!

There are more websites that offer cash for chess victor nowadays so you can start to learn chess and make some money if you wish to.

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