Keyword research tools that are good and effective

If you are selling an affiliate product or your own product on your blog or website then you will need lots of daily buyers to generate enough monthly revenue. There are lots of method that you can use to get the potential buyers to visit your blog but the best method is always through the search engine because the organic traffic from the search engine normally has a higher conversion rate as compared to those traffics from the social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

OK, lets make the long story short, I believe you have already known what is the term “keyword research” means so lets get to the point right from here, I have a few keyword research tools to introduce to you in this post and they are as follow:-

Keyword Research Tool which means business

  1. Keywordspy is the free keyword research software which I have always used nowadays to do my keyword researches. This software not only helps me to find out the monthly search volume for a particular keyword phrase from those countries such as US and UK but it will also suggest those related keywords based on our main keyword. Besides that we can also find out the estimated cpc value for that particular keyword through this tool.
  2. Semrush has all the same features just like Keywordspy but it also shows us how many people are actually searching for that keyword at that moment in the real time mode.
  3. Bing and Google Adword also offers free keyword research tool and they are not bad at all as compared to the paid one so if you prefer to stick to the free tool then I would suggest to start from these two first.
  4. Although those free keyword research softwares above do show us the main competitor websites that rank higher on the search engine based on those keywords but they lack the ability to show us how many competitors that are actually rank higher from that keyword phrase. If you are really serious about getting your page to the top of the SERP then I highly recommend you to use Jaaxy. Jaaxy is a paid keyword research software which allows you to sign up for free and do the first 30 keyword searches for free, then you will need to pay for it if you want to continue using it. Jaaxy will list out how many competitors are there that you need to overcome based of the keyword you are searching for so you can decide whether to go for that keyword or pick another one based on Jaaxy suggestions. You do not need to pay for it if the software does not help you out but if it is really good then you should really use it for your keyword research project. Follow this sign up link to activate your account now. After you have found a few keywords that you need you can start to write your blog posts based on those keywords!

Those softwares above are good and effective tool for a keyword researcher to do his or her keyword research and the best of all, they are free or partially free!

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