How to create a nut with the spin tool in Blender

In this example we are going to create a nut in Blender with the help of the Spin tool. Let start a new Blender project with the default cube. Next follow these steps.

  1. LMB-click somewhere off to the side of the cube to place the 3D cursor at that point then switch to the top view.
  2. Go to edit mode then press A to select the entire cube.
  3. Press T to bring up the Tool Shelf if it is not there already.
  4. Under the Mesh Tools section, click the Spin button under Add.
  5. Under the Spin section do this 1) set the Steps to 11 2) degree to 330 3) Turn on Dupli.

That is it, now we have created a nut which we can start to paint on it.


Spin tool is a really great feature for those of you who wish to create the repeatable objects in a circle, here is another outcome with more spins.

more spins on the same nut
more spins on the same nut

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