Create a sand mountain with Blender Cycles Render

This blender recipe will show you how to create a sand mountain with the Cycles Render.

  1. Switch to Cycles Render.
  2. Delete the default cube and add in a new plane, size up the plane to around 7 times it’s original value.
  3. Add a Displace modifier and switch to the Voronoi texture, set the texture noise’s size to around 0.7, set the strength to around 0.8.
  4. Divide the 3D window into two part, on the top part change it to the node editor.
  5. Add a new material for the plane and change the shader to mix shader, add two more shader, one diffuse and one glossy and then connect the top shader input of the mix shader with the diffuse shader and the bottom one with glossy.
  6. Added in the Texture Coordinate, Mapping and the Image Texture Node.
  7. Connect them up and load any sand texture image you have in your computer.
  8. Connect the Color output of the Image Texture to the Fac input of the Mix Shader.
  9. Do the following cycles setting

I hope you like this tutorial, just like you I am also just learning to use Blender so if you have any suggestion to make the above sand material more realistic then do let me know about it!

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