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Clean It Up is a wordpress plugin which will help you to clean up your wordpress database and makes it brand new and shinny again. You often will find your wordpress blog has lots of empty tag, empty category, post revision, non attached image and video etc that will increase the size of your wordpress tables if you do not perform the database clean up job every week. Clean It Up is the plugin special design and build just to help you to remove the above mentioned rubbishes in your wordpress database.

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The user interface of this plugin is simple and easy to use, let say if you need to clean up a few unwanted revision posts in the wordpress table then all you need to do is to check on the revision post item on the plugin setting page and then click on the CLEAN button to remove those revision posts and all the related data associated with them from the database. As you can see from below we have 10 revision posts and 5 autodraft posts on the wordpress tables so we can check both those checkboxes and press the CLEAN button to delete them from the wordpress database.

After you have pressed the CLEAN button, this plugin will clean up those items that you have ticked on and also the new setting will be saved for the future use. Each time you have cleaned up the database tables don’t forget to optimize the database tables as well!

Clean It Up
Clean It Up

Besides the above, this plugin also helps you to remove Pingback, Trackback, Transient and RSS cache from your wordpress tables. Do this once a week will remove those unwanted stuffs from your wordpress tables.

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There are more, the remove comment links feature will remove the website link from the comment author and this plugin will also help you to repair the errors in your wordpress table, only use this feature when there is an error in any of your wordpress tables!

The new non attached image and video file removal feature which has just included in this plugin will help you to remove the non attached image and video from your blog. The non attached image and video is the left over image or video file after you have deleted a post which contains those image and video file.

This plugin is free and very useful for those blogger who needs to clean up his or her wordpress blog. If you have any question or suggestion regarding this plugin do leave your comment below this post!

You can download this plugin through this link.

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