Create a simple program to generate password with python 2 and wxPython

Although this program is for windows user but if you are using linux and os-x you can copy the source code below this article and then compile this program in your own operating system. If you have decided to compile the program and run it under your operating system then you will need to install both python 2 and wxPython in your computer. Otherwise if your computer’s operating system is windows then just go ahead and download the .exe file for either the 32 or 64 bit windows os.

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Clean it Up!

Clean It Up is a wordpress plugin which will help you to clean up your wordpress database and makes it brand new and shinny again. You often will find your wordpress blog has lots of empty tag, empty category, post revision, non attached image and video etc that will increase the size of your wordpress tables if you do not perform the database clean up job every week. Clean It Up is the plugin special design and build just to help you to remove the above mentioned rubbishes in your wordpress database!

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