A spritesheet generator which is the true friend for game developer

If you are a game developer then you will really like Sprite Sheet Packer, a free software which you can use to generate spritesheet easily. Let say you have created 100 images and want to pack them into a single spritesheet, here is what you need to do with this software.

  1. Click on the Add Images button to continue adding all the images that you want to pack into a single file, make sure all the images have the same size, for example 64px x 64px.
  2. Provide a name for your new sprite sheet in the Image File input box.
  3. Set the Height and Width of the spritesheet, for example if you want to pack up 100 images with the size of 64px x 64px each in one single row spritesheet then the width of the image will be 64 x 100 = 6,400 pixel and the height will be 64 pixel.
  4. There are some other features you can use to further enhance your spritesheet but as for now just leave them as default.
  5. Click on the Build Sprite Sheet button to create your spritesheet and that is it!
Create Sprite Sheet!
Create Sprite Sheet!

If you want this software you better download it fast because maybe it will not be around anymore since it is hosted on codeplex.

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